November 30, 2018

Birthday parties ought to be a barrel of fun for kids. Sometimes, though, things don’t work out like one would hope; imagine sending out invitations to all your classmates and then none of them showing up. How low would you feel?

Sadly, this is exactly what happened to Teddy Mazzini, of Tucson, Arizona, who had just turned 6 and had invited all 32 of his classmates to Peter Piper Pizza to celebrate his birthday.

The sad photo of Teddy’s lonesome self, taken by his mother, sitting at the table with no guests to show for it is enough to break anyone’s heart. Surrounded by empty seats, empty plates, and four whole pizzas, it’s clear they would have treated their guests to a lovely meal.

That gloomy affair at Peter Piper Pizza could have been the end of the story—just one of those off, childhood moments that you just try to forget about and move on from. But that wasn’t the end of the story. In fact, it was about to get better—way, way better.

SO SAD: Teddy's mom told us none of his classmates showed up to his 6th birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza in Tucson….

Posted by Tucson News Now on Monday, October 22, 2018

Teddy’s mother, Sil, decided to send the lonesome photo of Teddy to a reporter named Nick VinZant from KVOA, who then posted it on their blog page with a message encouraging people to brighten up Teddy’s day.

“If you get a chance please wish Teddy a Happy Birthday,” VinZant wrote.

And the response was simply unbelievable, with happy birthday wishes pouring in from as far away as Belgium. Best of all, though, Teddy’s no-show birthday photo caught the attention of the Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Rising, and both sports teams offered free tickets for Teddy and his family to their upcoming games.

“How about we celebrate with thousands at our place!” the Phoenix Suns tweeted. “Tickets to Wednesday’s #SunsVSLakers game are all yours Teddy! Talk soon!”

The Arizona Coyotes also had in mind to throw a pizza party for Teddy during a hockey game on Oct. 27.

“We weren’t expecting the tickets,” Teddy’s mother said. “It is going to be his first game and he is super happy about it.”

With all the love shown by thousands of well-wishers, from the Tucson community and beyond, Teddy was all smiles!

On Oct. 24, Teddy was beaming as he watched the Phoenix Suns take on the Los Angeles Lakers at the Talking Stick Resort Arena.

In a Facebook video uploaded by Craig Thomas of Tucson News Now, an adorable Teddy told the world, “Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Big kiss.”

“We are happy for all the support and overwhelmed from the support of the community. There are a lot of nice people out there,” a grateful Sil said.