December 7, 2018

Ninety-nine-year-old Rochester, New York, resident Luther Younger could take the bus to the hospital every day and back.

Despite his age, the summer heat, and the unpredictable elements, though, the Korean War veteran insists on traveling from his home to the Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester by foot, day after day.

Oh, and did we mention that trip is a 6-mile round trip?

Younger has been making the trek every single day since his wife, Waverlee, was hospitalized with pneumonia.

The Youngers have been married for more than 55 years, and Luther describes Waverlee as “the best cup of tea I’ve ever had.”

Although their daughter Lutheta has offered to drive her father to visit his wife, he insists that he doesn’t want to wait. He’s spent every day by her bedside, even through the battle she’s been waging with brain cancer since 2009, and not even rain or extreme heat can keep him from getting to her as quickly as possible.

“Without my wife, I ain’t nothing,” he said, via the Huffington Post.

“She is a beautiful lady and she treats me as a person is supposed to be … she made a man out of me. That’s why I love her, because she’s tough. She’s not weak … That’s the kind of woman I want.”

Younger jokes that those who tell him to act his age are probably “just jealous,” but it’s true. Between his peak physical condition—the veteran can still do perfect push-ups and break out into a run during his trek to the hospital—and the unconditional love he shows his wife, it’s hard to find someone out there like that!