September 25, 2018

Mom and Dad are giving this children’s bedroom a makeover, and the final result looks great. Watch the time-lapse video to see them transform the space into a cozy and creative one for their daughters.

If you have the skills and know-how to do your own home renovations, then go for it. That’s what the parents in this video have done.

At the beginning of the clip, it’s unclear what the parents have planned out as they build a frame and anchor it on the wall.

After attaching stilts and panels to the frame, two bed mattresses are placed on top, and a hint of where the children will be tucked away at night is shown.

Mom then gets to work attaching cool light fixtures in the lower part, while Dad starts making entry points to the top—and it looks fun for the kids to use.

When it is all finished, Mom and Dad have done a great job converting the space into a multifunction one. The girls are sure to have lots of playtime in here.

Watch the video to see the final result of this bedroom makeover.

Credit: Brandi Davis (