December 12, 2018

A beach is an exciting place to go exploring, as one never knows what seaside secrets may be found on the shore—anything from magical-looking seashells to real treasure! During one such excursion, a man in Australia happened upon a stranded sea turtle that was belly-up, stuck in the sand. Luckily, he and his “crew” saw the old girl in time.

Brodie Moss is an Australian filmmaker with a passion for the great outdoors, especially the ocean. He is big on encouraging people to explore the natural environment.

One morning, he was jaunting along the coast carrying his young daughter on his shoulders when he spotted something unusual just up the shoreline from where they were.

Moss had a hunch that it might be an animal in need of rescuing, and they leapt over to help. It was a sea turtle lying on her back unable to right herself. Meanwhile, she was cooking in the hot sun.

“She’s still alive,” Moss said, getting down on hands and knees to try to dig her out. Thankfully, with the help of a fellow beachgoer, and his daughter who was there for moral support, they managed to flip her over.

Together, they pushed her back into the sea and she quickly swam away, disappearing in the waves.

“I think that turtle had been flipped over on its back in the early hours of the morning and hasn’t been able to get back [on her front]. Lucky we came across it and flipped it, otherwise it would’ve died.”

Had Brodie and his team not been there that day, who knows what would have become of the beautiful marine reptile. It might have meant the difference between life and death for one of Mother Nature’s lovely creatures.

It’s truly an amazing world out there with so much to see and do. If one does not seize the day and get out there, who knows how many lives might end up left high and dry without a helping hand?