November 30, 2018

If you have family in the military, there is a possibility that you might not see your loved ones for a long period of time. And this makes the reunions nothing less than the much-awaited special moments, with many families planning memorable homecoming surprises.

When it was the reunion time for this U.S. Marine’s family, they smartly left his little brother out of the loop. The family had it all planned out, ensuring that it was going to be a big surprise for their youngest one who had been waiting to reunite with his hero.

Marine Manuel Rubio had been on tour with the U.S. Marine Corps for nine months. On the day of his return, the entire family planned this documented reunion, which has been viewed over 1.98 million times on Twitter.

The video shows the child strolling around while his family members are stepping out of the car. It seems to be just any other day to him until he sees someone special walking from behind the car.

When the boy realized what was actually happening, he simply couldn’t control his joy.

The child screams, “Oh yeah! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!” and he jumps into his big brother’s arms.

Manuel later posted the video on Twitter with the caption, “This kid had NO idea!”

The clip garnered plenty of endearing and heartfelt reactions—from individuals getting emotionally affected, to some “moved to tears,” and some recounting their own homecoming surprises.

As of Nov. 28, the tweet has been liked over 112,000 times.

For Manuel’s family, the touching moment is for sure a new treasure for the future.