December 4, 2018

Unnerving doesn’t accurately describe what it feels like when an entire restaurant glares at you, the patron with the screaming kid rolling across the floor. Those condemning gazes pierce through your soul as if your child’s temper tantrum somehow makes you guilty of committing a heinous crime worthy of capital punishment. You’re the accused, and they’re judge, jury, and executioner.

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Yes, upset children can be annoying to people within earshot, but children are children. They get upset, and sometimes, they don’t listen to their parents’ incessant shushes. Everyone’s been there at some point, either during their own childhood or when raising children of their own. So why is it so difficult for passersby to show a little compassion towards the parents of unruly children?

Mitch and Carmen Newman wouldn’t be able to answer that question, because a complete stranger’s act of kindness at the White Rose Cafe in Missouri proved sympathetic restaurant-goers do exist.

Posted by White Rose Cafe on Tuesday, April 3, 2012

During their meal, the parents struggled to corral and quiet their two of their rambunctious tots, with their son trying to climb the wall to get at a jukebox above, and their daughter yelling while pacing along the booth. They spent their night out chasing and shushing in an effort to not disturb the diners around them.

However, a couple took notice of the family and decided they wanted to do something for them. When it was time for the Newman’s to pay their restaurant bill, the server handed them a ticket with a handwritten note, which read: “God bless from a Christian from LA. I love children, Amen.”

Posted by Carman Smith Newman on Monday, June 25, 2018

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Mitch caught them outside of the restaurant to say thank you. He found out they just wanted to help someone else. After enduring such a stressful evening, the Newman’s certainly deserved it.

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