December 10, 2018

This young couple had planned their wedding down to the very last detail—or so they thought. However, the bride’s sister had other ideas to make their day just that bit more special, and she had worked with their wedding planner to come up with something unique: 11 very special guests that the happy couple had no idea about.

Allison and Kevin Kruger, of Norman, Oklahoma, were feeling very excited when their wedding day finally arrived. They had taken care of all the details and were now ready to relax and enjoy their day.

Unbeknown to the couple, Alli’s sister, Liz, had organized 11 of the cutest puppies on the planet to be guests at their wedding, and as you can see in the video, the couple were just delighted at the surprise visitors at their photo shoot.

These puppies made for some adorable photos, and it may also help highlight the number of dogs just waiting for forever homes.

The wedding party was loving all the furry cuddles too!

A shocked bride asks Kevin if he had any idea of the surprise guests, but he is just as bemused as Alli.

During their courtship, one of the reasons the couple had become close was their mutual love of animals, so Liz saw this as the perfect way to add a special touch to their union.

These photos will be a lasting memory of their special day, and the 11 cute bundles of fur are sure to add to the experience.

Photo Credit: Holli B. Photography

Watch the video below: