December 4, 2018

We have all pretty much lip-synced to a tune or two, but have you ever seen anything as adorable as this pair? Talk about cuteness overload, and the internet thinks so too—it’s not hard to see why this video went viral.

The little girl’s name is Myla Wesson, and this sing-a-long is a routine she and her dad, Justin, have perfected.

After the bathing ritual, Dad, wrapped in a towel, and Myla, in her bathrobe, take to the stage in front of the mirror.

They both put their heart and soul into the lip sync to “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5.

Incredibly, Maroon 5 saw the dad-and-daughter rendition, clicked “like,” and commented, “This is too good.”

Myla has her own style added in, and as you can see, her dad is so proud of her; she is obviously the apple of his eye.

A ton of YouTubers have already watched the video since it was posted online on Oct. 8. One wrote: “Never seen anything so cute!!! She’s so small and look how adorable she is already! Beautiful father and daughter moves!”

Another wrote: “I swear when she flipped her foot up I totally DIED!!! (high pitched scream at the cuteness!!!!!!!!).”

“I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this,” added another. “Thank you for sharing the love. Myla is amazing!”

It’s amazing that she knows the song by heart. It’s just one of life’s precious moments, and without the internet we would not be able to share in such moments.

It is one video her family, and maybe even you too, are sure to watch over and over.

Watch the little performance below: