December 5, 2018

Little kids believe in Santa Claus, leprechauns, and the tooth fairy until they grow up and learn otherwise. But for one little girl with cancer, a trip to the dentist brought her face to face with a real “tooth fairy,” leaving her smiling brightly.

Sariah Parker has been through a lot for someone so young. She has been undergoing treatment for cancer, and at last it’s in remission, KOCO reported. Understandably, Sariah is not fond of seeing doctors, including doctors of dental medicine.

One day, Sariah’s mom, Tiama, made an appointment at Family Dental of Shawnee in Oklahoma for Sariah—who was not too enthused about having to go to the dentist.

The family arrived at the clinic, and Sariah nervously settled into the chair. Her dentist, Dr. Robert Simpson, tried to reassure her by telling her he was the “tooth fairy.”

Posted by Family Dental of Shawnee on Thursday, August 23, 2018

Of course, Sariah knew better and told him he wasn’t because he didn’t have a dress or a wand.

Dr. Simpson then disappeared for a few minutes and came back dressed up in the full regalia of a bona-fide tooth fairy—complete with dear little wings!

Sariah was very impressed. She broke into a big, wide smile, and the creative Dr. Simpson was able to get on with treating a relaxed and bemused patient.

Fun dentist visit

GREAT WORK, DENTIST! A mother says a Shawnee dentist did a great job helping her daughter, who is in remission after battling cancer and is afraid of doctors.

Posted by KOCO 5 News on Thursday, August 23, 2018

Tiama posted pictures about her daughter’s fun visit on her Facebook page.

We would all enjoy a visit to the dentist if we could have a bit of a laugh!