August 25, 2018

One day, airline passengers on a flight over Donegal, Ireland spotted a strange shape created by thousands of trees in the forest. They were curious as to what it was and how it got there.


As the plane got closer, they could see a perfect Celtic Cross shape, made with two different kinds of trees. The awestruck passengers shared their mysterious sighting with others, and it soon spread to the media.


After some investigation, it was found that the cross was planted by forester Liam Emmery, according to the Donegal Daily.


Paul McMenamin recorded this video of the cross so that more people would be able to see it.


“Liam sadly passed away six years ago without being able to see his creation grow and flourish. It was forgotten about since not many knew about it … It is at least 400 feet in length and 150 feet wide and is truly a sight to behold,” McMenamin said to Storyful.


Credit: Storyful