November 24, 2018

Siblings can be the best victims to goad into being gullible.

Just ask the family and friends of this hilariously innocent young boy, who was recently pranked into believing that covering him with a blanket had actually rendered him invisible.

(Yes, really.)

The family and friends of the young boy planned the hilarious trick ahead of time, under the hilarious insistence of—little surprise—an older sister who was sure that if anyone could be fooled, it would be this kid.

She certainly got that part right!

To the boy’s credit, his family and friends sold it with all their efforts thrown into the prank.

“We planned it all this past Sunday in our basement while her little brother had gone upstairs to eat. We planned everything out and she took a picture beforehand of my husband’s little brother next to the couch,” explained a caption on the video.

“We all planned to act surprised when my husband went and uncovered him with the blanket. At first, he didn’t seem to fall for it until his sister went to take the picture of my brother in law next to the couch, when she showed the picture it only showed my brother-in-law and not her little brother.”

Although at first confused because he was still capable of seeing himself, their reiteration that all they saw was air eventually started to cause some doubts.

First, there was the photo taken next to him by his older brother, who grinned and posed next to the “empty seat” on the couch while his sister then snapped a picture that seemed to show the seat was missing the poor boy.

The moment he sees—or, rather, fails to see—himself in the photograph, he seems to buy into his newfound invisibility almost immediately. And the way he handles his newfound “power” is … well, witness the hilarity for yourself!