December 9, 2018

Infested with lice, suffering from worms, and without food, water, or a carer … things were terribly grim for a young foal in the United Kingdom four years ago. Despite the dismal state he was found in, his journey of recovery shows that hope is sometimes just around the corner, only we don’t see it immediately.

Field Officer Rachel Andrews from World Horse Welfare was alerted to a black-and-white foal, now named Frodo, in a pile of moldy hay in freezing October temperatures back in 2014 after a good Samaritan called for help.

Per a report on World Horse Welfare, Andrews said Frodo was not looking much different “to a carcass.” As the owner couldn’t be found, police and the RSPCA arranged his rescue.

After emergency treatment for dehydration and parasites, followed up by round-the-clock care, young Frodo began the long process of regaining his health at Penny Farm in Lancashire.

Frodo soon began to thrive, getting healthier to the point he was even able to be ridden on.

Now, as we marvel at Frodo competing at Equifest, a “5-day festival of fun and enjoyment for all horse lovers,” it seems unbelievable that it could be the same horse they rescued four years ago.

Penny Farm’s Fran Williamson said: “Frodo’s transformation in less than four years since he arrived as a tiny foal who was so weak he couldn’t even support his own weight, is truly amazing.

“It is a true testament to the hard work and dedication of the team who cared for him, and we couldn’t be prouder.”

Frodo was crowned the Equifest Rescue Champion 2018 at his very first showing event in front of thousands of attendees.

Now a horse and no longer a foal, doesn’t Frodo look stunning today?

See his amazing transformation in the video below: