October 4, 2018

On May 29, 2018, Salena Messal was traveling with her husband along Broadmoor Boulevard, Sherwood Park, Canada, when they chanced upon a kindhearted man helping two geese and their goslings cross the road. Witnessing this unusual scene, she whipped out her phone to record.

This footage shows a 20-pound goose knocking good Samaritan Mike Derbyshire to the ground, pushing him back with her webbed feet.

“Oh, that poor guy. He is just trying to help,” Messal is heard saying.

Earlier, Derbyshire was driving home from golf when he spotted the family of geese. He got out of his car to assist a gosling up on the raised median. However, he got a little too close, and the over-protective goose launched a ferocious attack.

“I was in law enforcement for 26 years and I think I had bar fights that were less violent than that,” Derbyshire told Global News, jokingly.

Derbyshire certainly never expected his good intention would lead to a bad outcome. But he would lend a hand again because it’s the “typical Canadian thing to do.”

Watch to see this crazy scene; it’s not something you will see every day.

Credit: Jukin