December 6, 2018

There’s some old Chinese sayings on good teacher-student relationships, like “A teacher to a student is like a father to a son,” or “A teacher even for one day should be respected as a father forever.” That is to say, there was great emphasis on respecting one’s teacher, the one who imparts knowledge.

Though these ancient values may not be as prevalent today as they were once upon a time, it’s reassuring to learn that the very heart of the aforementioned proverbs—respect—still exists, and is evident in this account of gratitude.

Dr. Dilbert Monicit remembers his favorite teacher, Virginia Padilla Roble, who taught him at high school in the Philippines.

It just so happened that Roble, who lives in Mandaue City, had unfortunately broken her left forearm late 2015, and required treatment at Perpetual Succour Hospital (PSH).

Little did she know that the hospital is her former student’s current workplace, and it was only upon checking out that this came to the forefront of her attention.

“Just checked out of Perpetual Succour Hospital,” Roble, 64 years old at the time, shared on Dec. 9, 2015. “I got this note from the nurses’ station. Thank you for the early Christmas gift, Dr. Dilbert Monicit. Thank you for being there.”

“Dear [Ma’am] Roble,

“Professional fee—paid 22 years ago (one of my favorite teacher!)”

In response to Roble’s post, in which she toggled her status to “feeling loved,” the Perpetual Succour Hospital wrote on Dec. 15:

“PSH thanks Dr. Dilbert Monicit for taking excellent care of his patients. He has truly exemplified the real meaning of Christmas—the time to inspire people, the time to express gratitude to those who have made a difference in our lives in more ways than one…

“…and the time for sharing Christ’s love not only to family and friends but also to those who need it the most. Truly this deserves to be trending.”

Congratulations Virginia Roble, you’ve obviously made a very positive impact to have received such appreciative feedback, and to Dr. Monicit too, for looking after your wonderful teacher, and setting a great example for others to follow.

That note must have meant so much to Roble; no doubt she’s left a great impression and influence on many other students who were fortunate to have been in her classroom too.