August 25, 2018

This video has a nice idea for people, but in order to do it, you might need to go to the art store first before you start.


The first step involves using a pan to cook any color crayons until they’re melted.


(Facebook / NTD Life)

At first, you might be weirded out by looking at the visual of crayons being cooked. And don’t worry, you won’t be required to eat any of it for this idea.


The video then shows what else you have to add to the mix of melted crayons—materials such as sugar and baking soda are brought into the equation.


(Facebook / NTD Life)

Once they’re all mixed together, put the mixture in a jar, and wrap them up.


Just a few steps later, and you’ll have something that’s very visually appealing.


(Facebook / NTD Life)

This is the end result—colored smoke grenades that can be whatever color you want them to be, depending on which color crayon you cook.


Of course, you’ll have to set them up outside, but the visual is pretty sweet.


Watch to see how to make it yourself.


Credit: OVT