August 20, 2018

When a group of kayakers came across a lava waterfall in Hawaii, they simply HAD to get footage!


Professional adventure kayaker Rafael Ortiz used a GoPro camera to capture the breathtaking sight. As he and his group grew closer, someone commented that the water around them was getting warmer. Then, when they saw it, Ortiz couldn’t believe his eyes.


“Dude!” he shouted with an outstretched hand. “You can feel it from here. Whoa! Look at that! Ah! So Sick!”


This wasn’t Ortiz’s first time visiting the site, though it was his most successful one. In 2016, he visited but the spectacle was greatly reduced due to an excess of smoke.



One fellow kayaker commented that it would be amazing to have a time lapse of the waterfall and, while they couldn’t get that, the footage Ortiz took is pretty spectacular in its own right.


Credit: Caters Clips