August 13, 2018

You know what a face mask is, but have you ever tried to make a face cast?


This video shows you how to do just that, with a precise amount of detail. It’s actually so simple that you really don’t need to be an art expert to try it yourself.


It does take a bit of patience though. The video is sped up to show the process, but the first part of putting on the face cast could be a bit tedious—you have to cover your whole face with the cast material.

(Facebook / Blunt Kommunity)

One part requires you to be careful; to get the full face cast, you must cover both of your eyes. Make sure this is the last of your face that you cover!

(Facebook / Blunt Kommunity)

After this, you can take off the face cast, and do your own kind of personalizing work on it.

(Facebook / Blunt Kommunity)

Use any tools you have at your disposal to chisel the face into what your own looks like.

And hopefully, the end result of your cast will be just as good as this one.

(Facebook / Blunt Kommunity)

Watch the video above to see how it’s done.

Credit: JubaynaCosplay