November 27, 2018

Australian carpenter Alex Lackovic and his girlfriend, Kelly Lynn Norman, are big fans of playing virtual reality games.

When the pair slipped on some high-tech goggles one day to enter the world of a zombie-infested city to shoot down some foes and save their brains, though, little did Kelly know that the creators of the video game were in on something far more exciting in their future!

Working with a group of 15 designers from the gaming company Zero Latency for about a month, the 25-year-old Lackovic painstakingly recreated a picturesque landscape with Norman’s grandparents’ house.

Then, when the pair had finished the game with a group of friends, the scene abruptly changed from the zombie-infested streets to a familiar lawn.

Lackovic had asked Norman’s parents for photographs of the yard out front of the home in question, located in South Africa thousands of miles away. He knew that the giant tree in the yard was her favorite spot in the world, so this absolutely perfect boyfriend made sure his significant other knew where they were—then got down on one knee and popped the question.

“I was so nervous. I came last of all the guys and I’m usually competitive but I couldn’t concentrate in the game at all,” Alex said in a video of the proposal.

“When [the game] ended she was teleported to her favourite place in the world—the tree out the front of her grandparents’ place in South Africa. Every time she thinks about her happiest times she thinks of the time she spent out there with her friends and family.”

Kelly, for her part, said she had no idea what was going to happen ahead of time—but clearly loved the gesture. She admitted after the fact that watching the video of them in real life showed just how happy she had been.

When it comes to their wedding, the couple are going to keep things in the real world—but as for proposals like this, Lackovic would recommend it to anyone.

After all, you can go anywhere in the world you want to. And what’s more special than that?