December 3, 2018

A mom of five had always wanted her home to be organized and the vacuum lines to stay on the carpet for a few days. When she finally got what she wanted, she realized the hard truth behind it and now shares her story to advise young mothers.

In 2016, Diane Dekker Redlegs, a paramedic and writer, wrote a story on her Facebook page of how she had envied her husband’s aunt when she visited her house 19 years ago.

Posted by Diane Dekker Redlegs on Monday, May 2, 2016

Inside the house, she saw “the vacuum lines that remained in the carpet in the formal dining room.”

Redlegs, who is a mom of five grown-up children, recalled thinking how she had wanted her house to be cleaned and organized in the same way.

“Her vacuum lines are still in her carpet probably a week or more after she vacuumed!! What I wouldn’t give to clean my house and have it stay magazine perfect for more than 5 minutes!!” Redlegs wrote.

Redlegs recounted that she “couldn’t wait for the day” when there was no “sticky little finger prints on the perfectly waxed dining table,” toys scattered on the floor, or her son’s “art creation” on the wall.

As Redlegs was a working mother, she had difficulties trying to keep her house clean.

“Being a working mother, and just a mother in general … to try to keep my world organized, something in my house had to be organized,” she told “It really seemed that if work was organized, then home was a mess. If my house was organized, then work was a mess. It was always a very overwhelming feeling.”

However, one day when she finally realized that her house had become cleaned and orderly, her children were all grown up.

“Everything sits magazine ready in my home now and I appreciate and love this time of my life, I only wish I had known the cost of vacuum lines, because then I surely wouldn’t have wanted this day to come as fast as it did,” Redlegs wrote.

Posted by Diane Dekker Redlegs on Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Having realized the expense of having vacuum lines to stay in the carpet, she shares a heartfelt message to other young mothers: “Cherish your children, their messes and stresses and the hell they put you through as teenagers, and trust me, vacuum lines are overrated.”

As a young mom, who would have thought that what looks like a simple wish to have a clean house for just a few minutes would become a bittersweet memory a decade later?