October 10, 2018

In this video, a tour guide pulls his vehicle over so that his customers can get up close and personal with the monkey sitting by the roadside. The tourists are fascinated, then suddenly, the primate comes up to them and does the most unbelievable thing!

Did the monkey approach the tourists to “say hi” or to exchange a “high five”?


The video, uploaded to YouTube by Sary’s Siem Reap Tours, shows the fearless monkey walking right up to the front of the vehicle to retrieve the water bottles in the driver’s basket.

“Just one!” the driver says.

However, the stubborn monkey simply ignores his words and “steals” two water bottles instead.

Obviously, the primate is thirsty. The monkey immediately sits on the side of the road with the bottles and starts unscrewing the caps.

Such a clever monkey! Watch the video to see the primate drinking the beverages like a boss.

Video Credit: Facebook | JukinVideo.