May 31, 2019

When two paramedics in Australia heard that a dying man hadn’t been eating, they made sure to stop and buy him what he craved the most—an ice cream sundae. Little did they know their small gesture would attract worldwide attention.

On Aug. 29, when Queensland paramedics Kate Hanafy and Hanna Hoswell arrived at Ron McCartney’s home to take him to the hospital’s palliative care unit, they heard he hadn’t been eating much.

“His wife, Sharon, mentioned to us that Ron hadn’t been eating for the past few days and that they had been really struggling to get him out of bed and just to do anything,” Hoswell told Brisbane Times.

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Upon hearing this, they asked Ron what he wanted to eat. Ron, who had been battling with prostate cancer for years, asked for a caramel sundae.

After getting permission from their boss, they stopped by a McDonald’s on the way to the hospital to get Ron a sundae.

“He was really happy,” Hoswell recounted to “It’s just something so small, you’re getting an ice cream for someone, but they haven’t been able to leave their house or do anything for themselves for the past few days so something as small as that has a massive impact on them.”

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“He was wrapped, he was getting it all over his face, getting it all over his shirt, he had a big smile on his face and his wife was tearing up because she was so pleased to see him eating,” Hanafy recalled.

The Queensland Ambulance Service’s (QAS) Facebook page later shared the paramedics’ good deed after receiving a note of gratitude from Sharon.

Ron’s daughter, Danielle Smith, also wrote her thanks on the post, mentioning that the sundae “was the last thing he was able to eat by himself.”

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Although Hanafy and Hoswell are getting much attention for their actions, Hanafy feels she was doing her job.

“Crews do this all of the time, they just go above and beyond for people they have just met,” she said.

As for Hoswell, she is grateful to receive the kind messages.

“It’s a really difficult, really demanding job in terms of the hours and the physical work you put into it as well as the emotional so it’s really lovely to have a family go out of their way to express their gratitude to us,” Hoswell said.

Ron passed away on Saturday, Sept. 1, Smith wrote on Facebook.

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Transporting a man to palliative care, Queensland Ambulance Service paramedics went out of their way to grant 72-year-old Ron McCartney one of his last wishes.#9News |

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