October 3, 2018

A lot of us like to get our groove on when a catchy beat makes itself apparent. In fact, animals too feel a connectedness to music, much like the funky parrot in this clip that can’t stop whirling his head around in 360s.

Appropriately name Birdy, this parrot has got a thing for rap. As the radio pumps out a tune, Birdy’s family watches on in amusement, enjoying the party parrot enjoy himself.

In his little moment of fame, Birdy gets in as many clockwise whorls as possible. Again, again, and again.

There’s nothing like feeling as free as a bird, synchronizing with that rhythm and letting loose.

His owners egg him on by clapping and saying: “Go Birdy. Go Birdy. Go, go, go Birdy.”

After almost a minute of whorls, now that’s none too few, Birdy comes to a sudden halt, appearing a little dizzy. That little bird brain must be feeling a tad confused after all that!

If Birdy reacts like that to rap, it’d be interesting to see how he’d dance to classical music.

Credit: Jukin