October 3, 2018

When BBC cameraman Gordon Buchanan got inside of a small, protective glass pod to begin filming for a new documentary called “The Polar Bear Family and Me,” the last thing he expected was to be looked at like he was a cake sitting behind a glass shelf case!

Buchanan shared the footage of a mishap he had while out filming for the BBC show, after the incident found him trapped inside the pod for nearly 45 minutes to withstand a curious (and hungry) polar bear.

Polar bear inspects Buchannan’s shelter. (SWNS)

He was safely inside the pod when he saw the polar bear, and had hoped that the fluffy white creature would be willing to amble up and chat when it began its approach.

Polar bears attempts to open his lunch box. (SWNS)

Unfortunately, the mother had herself and two young cubs to feed in the harsh of winter—so apparently, the Scottish filmmaker looked pretty tasty instead, though, thankfully, he has lived to tell the tale!


Watch the full video below:

Source: ©Video Screenshot | SWNS