October 4, 2018

Have you ever made a musical instrument by hand before? Well, this video will show you how a steel tongue drum is made, and it’s not as hard as one may think. After watching the footage, you may want to make one too.

There are many steel tongue drums available for sale in the market, but making your own can be very satisfying.

A steel tongue drum, also known as a tank drum or hank drum, is made from the base of an empty propane tank. The number of tongues on the drum can vary, but it’s usually between seven to ten.

For the drum maker in this video, he is fashioning one with eight tongues.

After the base is cut off, the maker welds two together to form the body of the drum and then proceeds to use a compass and black marker to outline where the tongues will be.

The next step is the fine-tuning of the sound. When that is finished, all that is left is to paint the drum, and then play your heart out.

Video Credit: YouTube | DIY with Uncle Cy.