August 10, 2018

These incredible aerial images by marine biologist, photographer, and film-maker, Fergus Kennedy, show the stunning landscapes around the historical sites of Jordan.


The experienced multi-rotor pilot and camera operator, who’s the main man behind the intro sequence to the Great British Bake Off, provides aerial video, still photography, and 3D modelling services to clients including the BBC, ITV, ABC Television, Canon Europe, Toyota, Nissan, Love Productions, WWF, and the Royal Navy through his company Skylark Aerial Imaging.

Kennedy and his partners flying over the ancient city of Petra. (Caters TV)

Speaking about these mind-blowing shots, Fergus, 48, said: “I visited Jordan about ten years ago and I loved it. “I was asked to accompany a para-motor expedition as a photographer.


Credit: Caters TV