November 9, 2018

When food vendors operate illegal stalls on the roadside, they risk copping a hefty fine from the police. In Taiwan, an elderly woman trying to make ends meet in this manner was fortunate to have met a sympathetic police officer.

In August 2016, a Taiwanese from Pingtung County was walking on the streets with a friend when they witnessed some roadside food vendors rushing to pack up their stuff and stalls before running off, SETN reported.

Soon, the duo realized what was happening—police officers had arrived to issue fines to these illegal food vendors.

©Wikimedia Commons | Bonkers The Clown

While some vendors were quick in escaping from the police, one elderly woman couldn’t. She was still trying her best to pack up her stuff.

Before she could finish packing up, an officer was already standing in front of her.

Illustration – Getty Images | SAM YEH

The duo noticed that the old woman pleaded with the officer not to issue her a ticket. Despite her pleas, the officer didn’t relent.

The netizen was sympathetic towards the old woman as she was just trying to earn money but was fined.

But nothing could prepare the netizen for what was going to happen next.

After the officer issued her a ticket, he took out $2,000 New Taiwan Dollars (approx. US$65) and gave it to her.

Illustration – Pixabay | tw19831113

Though astonished by the sudden act, the woman accepted it. The officer then went on his way without looking back, leaving the woman in tears.

Seeing this kind gesture, the netizen teared up and recalled a similar scene in one of the music videos, “The Second Round,” by Taiwanese Mandopop rock band, Mayday.

“Apart from having a serious side to them, the police actually have a tender side in them. Due to their job, they had no choice but to issue the ticket,” the netizen wrote.

When the post went viral online, some people shared that they had also seen a similar scene in Taipei City, except that the officer advised the old woman not to do it again instead of issuing a ticket.

What a totally unexpected gesture from the officer! Have you ever encountered or seen a similar scene too?