December 6, 2018

There’s a saying that a father is a daughter’s first love, and a young mom in North Carolina couldn’t agree more after seeing her two daughters react to their dad returning from deployment.

On more than one occasion, Amanda Taylor has dealt with not having her military husband by her side when he is on deployment. The 24-year-old’s husband missed the birth of their first daughter but managed to be there for the arrival of the second. But sweet moments don’t last long, and he was sent on deployment a few months after their second child’s birth.

“Nervous doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling of being left with two small children for a 6-month-long deployment by yourself,” Amanda wrote for Love What Matters.

After sending her husband off and returning home, Amanda remembers how “it just felt so empty.”

It wasn’t long until her oldest daughter started asking for daddy, and things only got worse when she wanted daddy to comfort her when she had a stomach bug.

Without her husband, Amanda even had “doubts about things like if they will be mad at daddy for leaving, or if they will remember him when he gets back.” But in anticipation, Amanda and her girls started counting down the days for when he would be back.

Her oldest daughter just couldn’t wait for her daddy to be home and even “begged” Amanda every day in the three weeks before her daddy returned to wear the dress she had for his homecoming.

When the day finally arrived, Taylor realized a “girl’s first love is her daddy” phrase is indeed true.

“As the bus was pulling up you could hear the ‘DADDY’ screams from her little mouth as she was jumping up and down, pointing and chanting, ‘daddy get off the bus!’” Amanda recalled.

Once he was in sight, Amanda’s eldest daughter quickly ran forward for a hug.

“My oldest was like cling wrap once she got ahold on him, and with our youngest, it was like he hadn’t ever left,” Amanda recounted. “They picked up exactly where they left off and it was the most heartwarming thing I’ve ever witnessed. The two girls haven’t gotten over the fact that he’s back and it’s been more than 10 days now. Deployments end; Love doesn’t.”