September 4, 2018

Lions are known as the kings of the jungle; they’re large, fierce, and—except when faced with man—fearless.


As this hilarious video shows, though, not every lion stands up the same way in the face of what he considers danger!


Moto is a 10-year-old lion that lives at the Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire, England. He’s one of a number of exotic animals kept at the park, which raises money for various worldwide conservation projects with their ticket sales—and while he’s usually as fierce as they come, he had a bit of a fright when he encountered what appeared to be a soap bubble attack!



One of the park rangers posted this video of Moto, on the lion’s 10th birthday, entranced by the floating membrane only to be sent into a fright as it lands and pops instantly on the floor of the exhibit. Jokingly, they commenting that it was “not one of his finest moments!”


As some pointed out on the viral video, it may have been a startle reflex more than genuine fear, but it’s certainly not what you’d expect from the king of the African savanna. It just goes to show, though, everyone has their moments, no matter strong or fearsome they may be!


Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | UNILAD